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💚🇺🇦My 34th birthday🇺🇦💚

Friday was my 34th birthday, my first one since I moved from Printify CEO to Exec Chairman. And now with the privilege of more time and all the other advantages I have in life, I wanted to do something really meaningful. Over the last 18 months, my friends and colleagues in Ukraine have blown me away with their fortitude and spirit. 🇺🇦

So with my friends, we pooled together €77,000 to buy and repair 9 jeeps for the voluntary man and woman of Ukraine who are bravely protecting their homeland from senseless aggression that’s been going on for more than 500 days.

🇺🇦We stand united against aggression.

Every effort counts, and if we work together, we can have a significant impact.

We drove over 2000 kms to Kyiv and handed over vital resources, including drones, batteries, and medical equipment. Our single hope is to reinforce the safety of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Thank you for your donation and support:

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